BREUER revisited

tape collage
personal project


This series of artworks overlays precise, white geometric patterns of washi tape resembling crystalline wireframes onto photographs of modernist architecture by Marcel Breuer, contrasting the organic, three-dimensional qualities of the photographed structures and the flat, mathematical overlay. The graphic scalffolding simultaneously frame and intersect the  images, partially obscuring and suspending the architectural elements, and creating a dialogue between two-dimensional and three-dimensional space.

duy Pham is a Vietnamese Canadian graphic designer and art director, originally from Saigon and currently based in New York.

he specializes in brand identity and environmental experience at the nexus of contemporary culture and new technologies.

duy previously worked at design firms 2x4 and Local Projects in new York, and Bruce Mau Design in Toronto.

he holds a BFA in Computation Arts from Concordia University in Montreal.

Duy is also a passionate collector of comme des garçons and objects of curiosity.

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