Brand Identity & Product Design
Bruce Mau Design
CD: Elvira Barriga

bruce mau design was asked by givenchy to redesign their iconic ‘g’ emblem. the emblem would be translated into a pattern for their extensive collection of leather goods, including bags, wallets, belts, and other accessories. our concept was inspired by the heritage and the future of givenchy; exploring the existing g emblem based on the original four ‘g’ square, we introduced a third dimension to create a cube using six gs. the three-dimensional emblem appeared differently from every angle, creating limitless possibilities for pattern and application, using different techniques of production. the endless versatility of the emblem became apparent as it was applied across the entire product line, included perfumes, jewellery, shoes, displays and shelving in the retail space, and even the centrepiece on the runway.

duy pham
art direction
design strategy
brand identity
visual experience
born in sgn
based in nyc
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