Exhibition Identity
Experience Design
Local Projects

CD: Jake Barton
PM: Naomi Seixas, Charlotte Harris
with: Karen Vanderbilt, Peter Vikar, Nathan Adkisson, Eric Mika


Local Projects worked with philanthropist Ann Friedman and her team to transform the Franklin School, a National Historical Landmark, located six blocks from the White House into Planet Word, the world's first voice-activated museum of language. Through ten immersive learning galleries, visitors can use their voices to interact and engage with exhibits while hearing from a diverse international cast of leaders, authors, and everyday people who share what language means to them.

duy Pham is a Vietnamese Canadian graphic designer and art director, originally from Saigon and currently based in New York.

he specializes in brand identity and environmental experience at the nexus of contemporary culture and new technologies.

duy previously worked at design firms 2x4 and Local Projects in new York, and Bruce Mau Design in Toronto.

he holds a BFA in Computation Arts from Concordia University in Montreal.

Duy is also a passionate collector of comme des garçons and objects of curiosity.

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