visual Identity & Environmental Graphics
Bruce Mau Design

CD: Elvira Barriga
with: Jacqueline Lane

REGENT PARK SCHOOL OF MUSIC (rpsm) provides a high quality, affordable music education to youth-in-need in regent park and other high-priority areas of toronto. the new identity design is based on musical symbols and expresses rpsm’s new mandate: seriously fun.

duy pham is a Vietnamese canadian graphic designer and art director, originally from saigon and now based in New york city.
he specializes in visual identity and experience design at the intersection of art and culture, and believes in the transformative power of building emotional connections between people, places, and ideas.

duy previously worked at bruce mau design, local projects, and 2x4.
he is also a collector of comme des garçons and objects of curiosity.
contact: duyphamk at gmail dot com